Monday, April 29, 2019

End result for Medallion 29 Apr 19

29 Apr 2019

Good Evening Everyone,

      My project was behind but I managed to get it printed out.  I stuck to a fairly regimented design that encompassed the diverse nature and fields of study for the  students within this program.  I will try to post pictures from beginning to end result.  I left the colors fairly simple and did not try to paint the entire coin for timing purposes.  Unfortunately I had senior class commitments I could not get out of.  I did print two pieces (for which they were later glued together).  I also did all of the images in Illustrator with the exception of the flask bottles.  Then I went to Fusion 360 and extruded each svg.  From there, it was simple to just put it into mesh mixer.    

     My brain is beyond fried, have a great summer.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Two Talented Artists: Mat Collishaw and Sebastian Burdon

7 Apr 2019

Hello Everyone, 
   Not sure how this will post and if at all properly to this blogger.  I have enjoyed researching these two talented artists (listed in subject matter) for this assignment.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

On going progress and nearing the final stages for Project 2 Chimera

30 Mar 19

Hello Everyone,

    So far I have done this much (images posted below).  I went with using Plaid Gallery Glass Paints (for the stained glass look) for my clear resin.  It has taken some trial and error.  Some colors turned out better than others.  However, I could not use a paint brush to apply this medium.  I ended up using toothpicks and longer bamboo skewers.   
   I found the Plaid brand Gallery paints via Amazon for about $12 +.  I found the pink tones weren't as vibrant as the darker shades. Purple, yellow, green, orange, and blue; have so far the best results.


Monday, March 18, 2019

Final Iteration for Project 2

18 Mar 2019

     By the time the 14th of March rolled around (Thursday), I had my iteration of my Elephant, Dragon Wings, Winged Victory, and Venetian mask finalized.  After much assistance from Professor Asmuth, we worked out the kinks and went ahead and printed the model.  During Spring Break, I made it back up to UWF and picked up my printed resin piece. 

    I will show you images of what my new iteration was from our last initial critique of just that one item.  Thus, so far, you will see a progression.  It took me nearly three hours to clip all of the supports from both pieces (one piece had shown issues).  I am now awaiting some acrylic paints to arrive in the mail.  I found I can not successfully sand this object down.  Hopefully the paint will make it look awesome.

As for the Honors College ideas, having trouble coming up with something interesting enough.   Maybe I'll have something suitable by the start of class.  It's almost 11pm, I'm going to bed.  Good night.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Regalia found via google images

4 Mar 19

   I've viewed images of regalia but wasn't impressed.  I will post the images I felt that had some value in terms of design.

Had the chance to work on my printed out PLA winged elephant

4 Mar 19

Hello Everyone,

      After having picked up my Winged Elephant with statue last Tues (obviously I was absent Thursday); I began the process of cleaning this up.  It's not perfect by any means in terms of being completely smooth everywhere.  During the clean up process, I found areas where modifications will need to be applied and or deleted.  Such as I will need to add extra thickness to the wings and tusks/tail on the elephant.
     As much as I love the statue of the Winged victory and venetian mask, I will most likely delete these and add another item that is easier to access; in terms of smoothing and cleaning up.  I've managed to get my chimera resized to fit on the maker bot plate.  I am debating of interconnecting another two elephants into the fold of the existing object.  Below are pictures from when it was still printing to finished cleaning.